About Us

Two years ago

DEVA from the team of 40 people, to now become more than 70 people of the family.



The new "DEVA English Volunteer Group" has accumulated over two years of service experience, to undertake more than 30 English teaching activities, serving the whole school teachers and students more than 3,500 hours. In the past two years, for example, more than 6 hours a day to provide language counseling services or English activities, an average of 60 students every day through DEVA learning English.



DEVA offers you a variety of language learning activities that subvert your imagination of learning English.

You and I participate in the activity at 2016!Review

Join Us.

If you are creative and passionate about service

If you have imaginative ideas

If you are responsible and not afraid of hard work, have plenty of physical strength to face the job challenges

Join us!

dyudeva@gmail.com • DYEAH • Yuanlin, Taiwan