• The International Language Center at Da-Yeh University was established in February 2005. Its primary goal is to assist the University in meeting the challenges of the changing and increasingly internationalized nature of higher education, the Center is now responsible for many tasks related to language education, including strengthening the language ability of the University’s undergraduate and graduate students, supporting and promoting the University’s international academic exchange projects, and offering continuing language education programs to members from the neighboring communities. Also, in order to accommodate foreign students’ needs for learning the Chinese language, the Center has started Chinese Language Program to offer Chinese courses, which acquaint exchange students at DYU with the essence of the Chinese language and culture.
  • The Center will offer the following university-wide courses:
    • Freshman English courses (required)
    • sophomore English courses (required)
    • Elective English Courses
    • Other Foreign Language Courses
    • Programs of Extension Education
    • Chinese Language Courses for Exchange Students
  • The Center will hold the following examinations annually:
    • Freshman English Placement Test
    • English Examination for Graduate Students
  • The Center will hold the following activities for our students and teachers:
    • English Contests
    • English Consulting Services
    • Academic Lectures
    • Teaching Workshops
    • Language Teaching/Learning Conferences
  • All DYU students and faculty members are welcomed to make most use of these language learning equipment and facilities.
►No.168, University Rd., Dacun, Changhua 51591, Taiwan(R.O.C.)