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English Listening, Speaking, Reading and WritingThe Other Foreign Languages


VOA News
  The website contains videos and audios programs. The speed of the listing materials are slowed down for language learners. Learners can improve their listening here.
English Listening Lab Online
  There are now over 600 audio clips on ELLLO. Advanced Page: These listenings can be fast, long, and/or more complicated. That is, in these clips, the speakers talk faster and the topics are more difficult.
English Listening Lounge
  English Listening Lounge provides many listening exercises for beginning to advanced students. The materials are real people, speaking real English, talking about what interests them.
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
ICRT Web Radio
Listen to English speakers from all over the countries
ESL Podcast Blog
Voice of America
Listening and Dictation Practice
English podcasts


Elearning- Speaking Better English
  The website shows many English speeches and offers comments on the speeches so that learners can learn better spoken English usages form the speeches as well as from the corrections.
  The websites provides illustrations and clips of phonics. Language learners can learn how to pronounce individual sounds beautifully and correctly from the website.


English Reading Comprehension Skills for ESL EFL Learners
  English reading help including reading comprehension quizzes and tests, reading lesson plans, reading types and strategies.
ESL/EFL Reading Activities
  This website provides reading skills/strategies for teaching students, topical ESL reading lesson plans and teaching ideas using the news, reading topics for teenage students, environmental readings/exercises for students, lessons/exercises for reading students, various activities for teaching reading, and collections of reading materials.
English Reading Classic Reading
  This website classifies different levels of poems for elementary, intermediate, and advanced readers.
BBC English at Work
BBC 6 minute English
China Daily English Essay Reading
Learning English Via Reading Newspaper
Taiwan News
General English
Business English
BBC express English


Guide to Grammar and Writing
  The Guide to Grammar and Writing is sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation. It's a very useful site to help you with writing. Check this out even though it wasn't designed specifically for ESL students.
The Chinese Online Writing Lab
  On-line editing and proofreading service  
The home of English
  Slangs colection and Grammar mistakes correction  
A Guide to Grammar and Punctuation
A Complete Guide to Phrasal Verbs
English typing practice

Other Recommended Websites

English Songs Lab
Learning English via Singing English Songs
  English Profoundly Taught
Lylics Collection
DGD English-learning Website
  Online English Proficiency Test - The English Learner Movie Guides
  • a summary of the plot
    a list of the major characters
    an extensive glossary of vocabulary and various cultural references that even advanced ESL learners would often not understand questions for ESL class discussion
BBC Learning English
HighBeam Encyclopedia
Build up your vocabulary
Tedtalk Taipei
Interesting Videos
Online Courses
Woodward English
A Slang Dictionary
Free English Video Lessons
One Stop English
Verb Tenses
Grammar practice
Grammar practice
Online English Corpus


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