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Educational Objectives

Educational Objectives

In response to the trend of globalized higher education , the International Language Center (ILC) was established. The ILC is mainly responsible for foreign language teaching and related affairs in Da-Yeh University (DYU). With the primary goal of elevating students' foreign language proficiency and global competitiveness, the ILC also encourages international academic as well as cultural exchange. To this end , a school - wide English and second language curriculum is developed, where students are provided with abundant opportunit ies to participate in various language tests, language contests , and extracurricular activities.





To develop the feature " Academia-industry Partnership” and to respond adequately to the trend of globalized higher education, the ILC was established in February 2005. Majorly devoted to tasks related to foreign language teaching , the ILC aims at reinforcing students' foreign language proficiency as well as global competitiveness . Plus, the ILC is engaged in bridging academic and cultural exchange internationally. Specifically, the ILC ' s duty includes p lanning English and second language courses for students at DYU and a rrang ing English certificate tests / contests and language learning activities . The ultimate goal is to build up a learner-friendly language learning environment , where students can foster foreign language proficiency and broaden global perspective.

Goals and S trategies:
Goal 1: Creat ing a quality language learning environment
◇ Strategy 1: Improving teaching software/hardware / facilities
◇ Strategy 2: Provid ing abundant self-study resources
◇ Strategy 3: Integrat ing regular teaching with extracurricular activities

Goal 2: Improving foreign language proficiency
◇ Strategy 1: Promoting continuous English learning
◇ Strategy 2: Conducting English placement tests
◇ Strategy 3: Providing whole English teaching
◇ Strategy 4: Encouraging peer coaching
◇ Strategy 5: Promoting English proficiency tests
◇ Strategy 6: Improving teachers' professional competence

Goal 3: Broadening students' global perspective
◇Strategy 1: Making our campus international
◇ Strategy 2: Expand ing students' global view


Missions of the ILC

Missions of the ILC

◙ Organizing and integrating resources for English/foreign language teaching, research, and services.
① Organizing a variety of English contests (e.g. singing, listening, reading, recitation, and presentation contests) and the freshman English camp.
② Recruiting part-time, full-time and contracted-based teachers and conducting evaluation on the teaching/administrative performances of the teachers.
③ Developing strategies for encouraging students to take English proficiency tests and conducting evaluation on the effectiveness of the strategies.
④ Ensuring good maintenance and management of all the hardware and software equipment in the language labs.
⑤ Managing the services and courses at the Language Learning Navigation Center (LLNC).
⑥ Developing policies, strategies, and plans for foreign language education.

Language Training
① A comprehensive four-year English curriculum
⑴Basic English courses.
⑵High-intermediate English courses.
⑶Advanced English courses.
⑷English courses for night classes.
②Elective courses for second foreign languages.
③T eaching resources for school-wide ESP courses.

  • Language Proficiency Tests
    • ① Providing English placement tests for freshman.
    • ② Providing unified final examinations for freshman and sophomore English.
    • ③ Assisting faculty, staff, and students in preparing for English proficiency tests.
    • ④ Striving for the opportunities to co-organize English proficiency tests in the Changhua area.

⑤ Striving for the opportunities to co-organize all types of domestic or international language proficiency tests.

  • Continuing Education
    • ① Planning English/foreign language continuing education and related-affairs.
    • ⑴ Offering courses to prepare students for language proficiency tests both on and off campus.
    • ⑵ Helping offering both credit and non-credit foreign language courses.
    • ⑶ Assisting the Government and non-governmental bodies with foreign languages training programs.
    • ⑷ Offering courses for English/foreign language learning, such as English courses for faculty and staff, courses for high achievers, tutorial classes for English proficiency tests, remedial lessons for low-achieving students, etc.
    • ⑷ Promoting inter-school cooperation for language teaching and resource sharing
      Executing tasks assigned by the university regarding English/foreign language teaching and learning.
③ Assisting Teaching Excellence Project with the execution and promotion of the sub-plan B.



The Facilities of the ILC


Facilities include the following:

◎ Multimedia language classrooms: three on the 4 th floor and five on the 3 rd floor of the Building of Foreign Languages.
◎ The Language Learning Navigation Center (LLNC)
◎ A multimedia foreign language theater.
◎ A multimedia-based interpretation and distance-learning classroom.
◎ A multimedia satellite network classroom.
◎ A Chinese language teaching classroom.

No.168, University Rd., Dacun, Changhua 51591, Taiwan

TEL:(04)8511888 Ext 6007 ; FAX:(04)048511611 ; E-mail: