English Courses Outline

  • Freshman English Pre-test

    The DYU freshmen are required to join the English pre-test online. The test result will be the basis for the level classified English Courses.
    System online available: from August 15 to August 30.

    Notice for English pre-test
  • Classified Levels English courses

    The DYU English courses includes "English Reading and Writing" and "English Listening and Speaking". There are classified as 4 levels, elementary, intermediate upper-intermediate, advanced. All the English reading and wirting courses and the English listening and speaking courses are assigned a level. So all the fresmen need to join the fresman English pre-test.

  • Coruses waived

    If you have already finish some courses that can be waived, please apply for courses waived online at I-Care system. Key in all the information of courses which need to be waived, then print the application out to run the procedure. If the procedure have already finished, please remember to apply for droping the coruses which are stilll on your coruses list. (If you are not major in English, you can apply to waive all the English courses by the qualified English proficiency test transcript. You can waive all of the English coruses with the transcript of GEPT upper-intermediate speaking and writing test qualified or other test results which are corresponded to CEFR B2 or above level.

English Proficiency Required for Graduation

The standard of English prificiency required for graduation of mon-English major is TOEIC 400 or CSEPT 170, or GEPT intermediate reading and writing test qualified, or other test which are corresponded to CEFR B1 or above levels. The International Language Center will hold campus test for CSEPT and TOEIC every semester, please surf the DYU English Proficiency Test Information Website .

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  • Pre-test Freshmen need to finish the pre-test to classify their English courses levels.
    The pre-test website
  • Course Levels Classified The English coruses classified as 4 levels: elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced.
  • English Proficiency Required for GraduationFreshmen need to pass the English proficiency required for graduation before the second semester ended. The standard for graduation of non-English major is TOEIC 400 or other test results which are corresponded to CEFR B1 or above levels.
  • Make-up coursesStudents who haven't pass the English porficiency required standard for graduation are asked to take 2 make-up coruses with 2 hours for each one. After they pass the make-up courses, they need to join a post-test hold by International Language Center.
  • Post-TestIf the student's post-test scores is higher than the pre-test for over 10 points, he/she is qualified to pass the graudation requirement.

Diagnostic Prescriptive

Students who fail in the post-test are required to join the diagnostic prescriptive plan. They are qurlified to pass the graduation requirement when they finish the plan.

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